So I didn't finish the Challenge and decided to take this piece a bit further. While I did learn more and moved a bit further, I also moved backward as well. Trying to flush out all the correct material, maintain the balance between the style and some realistic properties. This ended up stretching out longer than I'd hope. This was a good learning process and the next piece in the collection by (Carlyn Lim: Concept Artist) I hope to do better.


Camera Lens

Here we have more (PBR) workflow practice. I wasn't going to post this but what the hey, why not!. It came out better than my other attempts and I see progress. Learn some stuff both related and unrelated to the (PBR) workflow. Ran into most of my problems when it came to creating the damage version of the lens. Knowing what the material is and clearly defining it through the process prove to more difficult than I would have liked. Hopefully, my next attempts will come out better.



Trying to improve a bit more on my hardsurface. This is a nail gun I just recently finish. A lot of trial
and error. Definitely learn something from this. Can't wait to apply that to my next challenge.